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There is this wondrous field of science called medical science that tells you being significantly overweight is deeply unhealthy and if maintained for long periods can lead to some extremely nasty conditions. If not, why not give us a 'Like'? Men telling women how to look thread contains mostly male posters shocker! Honestly Western women as a general rule are overweight. As such, when authorities discuss ways to curb the practice, they tend to come up with ideas such as imposing curfews on girls, rather than penalizing men for having sex with high-schoolers, Muta said.

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Some efforts have been made in recent years to curtail the business, but they have amounted to little — partly because so few people consider it a problem.

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More Japanese schoolgirls think themselves overweight than those in China, Korea or U.S.

It's nicknamed 'heroin chic' in America. Undeterred, the next day, I take her to the same sushi bar and I pay for the entire evening. Anyone who is at an unhealthy weight should lose it for himself or herself. I told her that if we were still together after she graduated, I might even invest in her startups. While most people who are fat actually do realize it either because they have trouble finding clothing that fits properly or they get winded easily or because nasty people revel in telling them, it's not something that can be immediately changed even if one does change his or her behavior immediately.

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